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On Again, Off Again,

or happily ever after?

TV's Greatest Couples
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TV's Greatest Couples!

We know you love them. They frustrate you (Ross and Rachel, Friends, Sam and Diane, Cheers, anyone?) they make you laugh (Chandler and Monica, Friends, Ray and Debra, Everybody Loves Raymond, anyone?) they make you say awww (just about every couple has their aww moments, especially for you shippers!), and you feel like you know them. TV shows sometimes contain a couple that we all love.

This community is the perfect place for you to talk about your favorite couples. Any show, a comedy, a drama, anything about them! Fanfiction, quotes, episodes you love, couples you love, your favorite moments from each couple, the times you wanted to throw things at your TV, the times they made you cry.

TV's Greatest Couples.

(Check out our community's interests for some couples you may want to talk about!)
7th heaven, boy meets world, carol and frank, carol and mike, caroline and richard, caroline duffy, caroline in the city, carter and abby, chandler and monica, chandler bing, cheers, comedy, corey and topanga, corey matthews, couples, dan and roseanne, dan connor, dawson's creek, debra barone, diane chambers, doug and carol, dr. carter, dr. frasier crane, dr. lilith sternin-crane, drama, emma geller-green, er, eric and annie, eric camden, erica bing, everybody loves raymond, family matters, fran fine, frasier, frasier and lilith, frasier crane, friends, full house, gilmore girls, i love lucy, jack bing, jamie and paul, jamie buchman, jesse and rebecca, joey and dawson, joey and pacey, joey and rachel, joey tribianni, just shoot me, kelly gaines, kevin kinkirk, laura and steve, laura winslow, lilith sternin, lilith sternin-crane, little ricky, lorelai gilmore, love, lucy and kevin, lucy and ricky, lucy camden, lucy ricardo, luka and abby, luke and lorelai, luke danes, mabel buchman, mad about you, mash, max and fran, maxwell sheffield, maya and elliot, mike hannigan, monica bing, monica geller, monica geller-bing, mr. sheffield, one tree hill, paul buchman, phoebe and david, phoebe and mike, phoebe buffay, phoebe buffay-hannigan, rachel green, ray and debra, ray barone, rebecca and don, rebecca and robin, rebecca howe, ricky ricardo, robert and amy, robin colcord, romance, rory and dean, rory and jess, rory and logan, rory gilmore, roseanne, roseanne connor, ross and rachel, ross geller, sam and diane, sam and rebecca, sam malone, seth and anna, seth and summer, step by step, steve and dj, steve urkle, the honeymooners, the nanny, the oc, tony micelli, topanga lawrence, tv, who's the boss?, woody and kelly, woody boyd